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Where Should Church Leaders Go to Get Away?

Where Should Church Leaders Go to Get Away?

Monday, 02 January 2023 20:58

Burnout is all too frequent in ministry professions today. When you are so focused on serving and ministering to others, it could be easy to forget the importance of taking time for yourself. According to Soul Shepherding, 90% of pastors put in between 55 and 75 hours per week. This type of ministry puts a load on one's physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Church leaders need time to unwind, rest, refuel, and reconnect with the Lord and their families. Of course, each leader may approach this differently, but the ideas and forms of rest are the same for everyone. The advice in this article will help you find the physical, mental, and spiritual rest you need to minister effectively to others.

Tips How to Choose Where Church Leaders Should Go to Get Away 

1. Location

Your retreat destination is crucial. Whether you are traveling with your family or by yourself, you want to be in a location where you can unwind and relax while having some adventure. What kind of setting is required to achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual rest you require to enjoy a productive getaway?

2. You Should Go Where There Are Different Types of Activities for You to Enjoy

You should think about the types of activities that would make your getaway more productive and pleasurable. Do you require quiet endeavors? Indoor activities? outdoor activities? Adventuresome pursuits? Or a bit of everything?

3. Main Goals of a Church Leader Getaway

  • Spiritual Rest: For church leaders, spiritual rest is the most important kind of rest. Spend time in the Bible and in prayer. Keep this time separate from any sermon preparation. You need a renewing Word from the Lord, just like everyone else, so that you might have spiritual rest. Use this time to pray for your ministry's stability, vigor, and fulfillment.
  • Mental Rest: Reading for leisure is a fun hobby that gives you time to unwind. An efficient rest approach is reading a book that doesn't require much thought but can let your thoughts wander in a state of delight or relaxation. A terrific book that you like will help you develop your creativity and imagination.
  • Physical Rest: Church leaders need to take occasional breaks from their responsibilities to rest, just like everyone else. Whether for a day, a week, or a longer retreat, you need to physically remove yourself from the job and spend some time alone or with your family. Remember, even Jesus took a break from his full days to pray and rest.
  • Understand the Importance of Rest: Be cautious. Burnout has an impact on church leaders. You must recognize your own potential for vulnerability and schedule time for relaxation if you want to avoid it. If you don't value rest, you'll quickly burn out in the ministry.
  • Physical Activity: Naturally, you should rest while you're gone, but you should also schedule some time for physical activity. Exercise improves both your physical and mental health. Your ministry will go on if you can find ways to replenish your physical vitality while taking a mental break from the mental exhaustion of your work.
  • Play: It's a terrific method to relax your mind to play games, especially if you have young kids at home. Playing allows you to express your creativity while taking a mental break from your studies. It promotes activity in the brain in addition to relaxation and stress reduction. The article, The Benefits of Play for Adults, discusses numerous advantages.

Camp Tekoa Retreats Is the Perfect Place for a Church Leader Getaway Retreat 

Camp Tekoa is nestled next to Dupont State Forest and Pisgah National Forest in the stunning North Carolina mountains in Hendersonville, NC! It is available all year round, offers a tranquil setting for your upcoming retreat, and offers adventurous activities as well. The stunning nature at Camp Tekoa Retreats makes it the ideal location for relaxation and renewal.

Camp Tekoa offers a variety of on-site hikes for various skill levels, an outdoor chapel, and a lovely lake. The retreat's attendees can enjoy God's creation and will have no issue finding a quiet spot to unwind, contemplate, and progress spiritually both as a person and as a group. Other adventurous activities include:

  • Zip Lines
  • Bungo Ball
  • High Ropes Course
  • 70-Foot Giant Swing
  • Bouldering Wall
  • Low Elements Challenge Course
  • Tree Climb
  • Activity Field
  • Lighted Outdoor Basketball Court
  • 3 Acre Lake
  • Canoes and Paddle Boats
  • Rope Swing
  • Nine-Hole Disc Golf Course
  • Hiking Trails

Just to name a few…  

For even more reasons to choose Camp Tekoa Retreats as your retreat location, read the blog, Five Reasons to Retreat to Nature.

Camp Tekoa Retreats

The stunning Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are the ideal location for a retreat. Tekoa Retreats is the place for Touching Hearts, Changing Lives, and Sharing the Light of Christ! For more information about Tekoa Retreats, its facilities, and its program offerings, or to book your next retreat, contact us or visit our website.