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Western North Carolina Is the Perfect Retreat Destination

Western North Carolina Is the Perfect Retreat Destination

Thursday, 07 April 2022 20:34

One of the keys to a great retreat is choosing the right location. That’s one of the factors people will remember most. 

You want to retreat to somewhere beautiful, with an amazing view, likely surrounded by nature. You likely want somewhere quiet to escape the business of normal daily life. You want to go where you can explore something new and breathtaking to be reminded of the important things in life. However, you likely want to be close enough to a town or city with restaurants and cultural amenities.

Western North Carolina is the perfect balance of beautiful scenery, seclusion, and culture. In this article, we are discussing a few of the countless reasons western North Carolina is the perfect retreat destination. 

Five Factors That Make Western North Carolina the Definitive Retreat Destination

1) The Scenery of Western North Carolina 

You cannot beat the scenery in western North Carolina. We are home to the tallest mountains on the East Coast, many soaring over six thousand feet in elevation. The ridges and valleys have a unique look with the passing of each season. 

The stoic, mysterious grays of winter transition to vibrant pinks and yellows during spring. The lush greens of summer give way to the autumn colors for which our area is known throughout the world. 

There is not a bad time to visit western North Carolina for a retreat. 

2) The Outdoor Activities in Western North Carolina

The mountains, valleys, rivers, and waterfalls that give western North Carolina its unmatched beauty are the same elements that provide countless options for outdoor activities. Some of the ways you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors include: 

  • Hiking to a mountain top or one of the area’s hundreds of waterfalls
  • Biking on some of the East Coast’s premier mountain biking trails 
  • Canoeing, kayaking, tubing, or whitewater rafting in the French Broad or Nantahala River
  • Fly fishing in mountain heritage trout waters throughout western North Carolina
  • Driving along the famous Blue Ridge Parkway and eating at the Pisgah Inn
  • Sitting on the front porch of your Tekoa Retreats cabin and listening to the sounds of nature

If reconnecting with nature and the Creator is part of your retreat plans, you’re not going to find a better place than western North Carolina. 

3) The Culture of Western North Carolina

In addition to the scenery and opportunities to reconnect with nature, western North Carolina is home to many charming small towns and communities and, of course, the city of Asheville. You will find some of the best restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, and shopping centers just minutes from all the outdoor activities. 

There are few places in the world that give you so much opportunity to enjoy an abundance of nature in such close proximity to urban amenities. You can rest and relax in a secluded cabin and still be within a short drive of a concert, art show, and cultural festival on the same weekend. 

4) The Weather in Western North Carolina

The weather in western North Carolina is among the best in the state. It can be five to ten degrees cooler in our area than lower elevation cities like Greenville, Charlotte, and Raleigh. When the summer and early fall temperatures are sweltering in your town, we might be cool and comfortable up here. 

At the same time, during late fall, early spring, or even the dead of winter, temperatures are warmer than you might assume in a mountain region. We are far enough south to avoid much of the harsh winter weather of other mountainous states out west or up north. Our heaviest snows and coldest temperatures are often confined to the highest elevations near the Tennessee border and in the High Country.

Of course, we can’t guarantee it won’t rain or snow during your retreat, but even if it does, you can still enjoy the beauty and culture here. 

5) The Convenience of Western North Carolina

Tekoa Retreats is relatively close to many large metropolitan areas:

  • Tekoa Retreats is just forty-five minutes from Greenville, SC. 
  • Tekoa Retreats is about an hour and a half from Hickory, NC.
  • Tekoa Retreats is just two hours from Charlotte, NC.
  • Tekoa Retreats is about two and a half hours from Winston-Salem and the Triad. 
  • Tekoa Retreats is just over four hours from Raleigh and the Triangle. 

Where to Host Your Western North Carolina Retreat

Camp Tekoa offers all you need for your next retreat!  With an extraordinary amount of adventures on-site and countless offsite possibilities, Camp Tekoa is the perfect spot for your group.

You’ll love our lakeside rope swing, various zip lines, and 40-foot climbing tower. There is a full-size field, a three-acre lake, an open-air pavilion, and numerous hiking trails. In our various clean and welcoming lodges and cottages, we can accommodate groups of twenty to three-hundred potential guests. 

Tekoa Retreats is located near Hendersonville, North Carolina, just over thirty minutes from Asheville. We provide comfortable accommodations, numerous facilities for meetings and team building, and, of course, access to all the wonders of western North Carolina.  

If you are searching for a retreat location, consider Tekoa Retreats in beautiful, scenic, adventurous western North Carolina. Contact us for more information about our retreat center.