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Wintertime is often looked over as a good season for hosting retreats. However, when it comes to the mountains of North Carolina, there is no better time to experience the beauty of God’s Creation. Hendersonville, NC, winters are fairly mild compared to other parts of the country, with average temperatures in the high 30s to low 40s and average monthly snowfall around 4”. 

While it may be cold, hosting a winter retreat can provide a unique experience unlike any other. While the weather may be more unpredictable, could you imagine waking up to a dusting of snow along the breathtaking mountains of North Carolina?

Why Winter Retreats Are the Best

For one, winter brings cooler weather. Sure it may be cold, but getting outside provides unique experiences in the outdoors. Just think of how incredible icy lakes and frosty mornings can give off the feeling of solitude.

Winter is also a great season for introspection. Other than Christmas, it is a much slower-paced time of year, and with that slower pace comes more time to look inward. By hosting your retreat in the winter, your guests will already be primed and focused for your event.

Tekoa Retreats, the Perfect Winter Retreat

While Tekoa Retreats offers options for retreats throughout the year, winter is a great time to host your retreat. A place where retreat goers may have fun and find solutions to issues away from the workplace, Camp Tekoa Retreats provides a variety of outdoor activities, sports, and team-building activities.

We provide wonderful lodging and exciting activities while being surrounded by nature. You can get assistance from the Camp Tekoa staff in planning your upcoming winter retreat.

Book Your Winter Retreat at Camp Tekoa

Tekoa Retreats is the ideal location for your next event and is just under an hour away from Asheville, NC. We provide wonderful facilities alongside exciting outdoor activities such as:

  • Ax Throwing: One of the newest additions to our onsite adventures. Ax throwing will challenge you and your colleagues as you take aim and throw a throwing ax 
  • Lake Zipline - One of the most popular activities is our zipline, which takes you from the wooded shoreline to well over and across our lake. 
  • Low Elements Challenge Course - The challenge course offers a variety of activities that will challenge your group with teamwork and communication-based challenges. If you are looking for team building, this is where it's at.
  • Lake Slide - There is nothing like sliding into our beautiful lake on our inflatable slide. 
  • Swimming Pool - If you are not sure about swimming in our lake but still want to spend time in the water, our swimming pool is a fun way to cool off!
  • Archery Field - Another great sport that we offer. Our archery field offers open-range shooting as well as coaching from our staff.
  • Orienteering - Want to learn how to get around in the woods? Our orienteering program will help you learn the basics of using a compass to find marks around the camp and navigate a treasure hunt!

Contact us today for additional details on how to reserve your winter retreat!