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Weekend Retreats North CarolinaYou may be a valuable member of a corporate team working in a high-rise complex surrounded by technology, screens, computers, and machines. You work each day through the week in this environment, and although you may love your job, you also know you need time away.

You may be a minister in a nonprofit, dealing every day with the difficult problems faced by those who come to you for help, and wish for a weekend away from it all to relax and restore.

Each week, you may be able to retreat to your home for a couple of days on the weekend, but even these times can be filled with work as you do the many chores at home that you do not have time to do during the week.

With your busy life, you may not be able or cannot afford to schedule a full vacation away from work and home; however, you may be able to plan a short weekend retreat for just a couple of days where you can relax and just enjoy life by yourself or with your loved ones.

These mini trips can often be very reasonably priced so that you can afford to do several over time, and fortunately for you, North Carolina offers many opportunities for weekend retreats, with one such retreat center being Tekoa Retreats in Hendersonville, NC.

North Carolina Weekend Retreats

Escaping into nature every once in a while is one of the best ways to reconnect yourself, shift your mindset towards positivity, build mental strength, and even become physically and spiritually healthier.

Although taking time to leave the world you live in and retreat back to nature for a short hike through the forest is always worth the time and effort, there are times when you should take time and go to a place where you can completely lose yourself for several days. 

If you wish to take a weekend retreat away with top-notch facilities, then consider Tekoa Retreats in Hendersonville for your trip.

Weekend Retreat Center In Western NC 

The mountains around Asheville, NC, are a magical place of high mountain peaks and deep, hidden valleys filled with rushing rivers and streams full of trout and cascading waterfalls. The Blue Ridge Parkway travels through the area.

Great portions of the landscape are within protected government lands in the form of national forests, state and local parks, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The fall season is especially magical as the vibrant fall colors spread over the mountain ranges, beginning in the higher elevations first and then descending down into the valleys as the season progresses. The mornings are typically crisp and cold, and the skies are clearer than at other times of the year, offering beautiful weather for outdoor adventures.

Tekoa Retreats is a summer camp and conference center located in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina, near Hendersonville. Tekoa is owned and operated by the Western NC Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Tekoa Retreats offers a wide variety of summer overnight, adventure, and day camps for boys and girls. These include elementary day camps, mini camps, and overnight camps for elementary, middle school, and high school students. Tekoa also offers adventure camps for middle and high school students.

Tekoa Retreats Accommodations And Adventures In North Carolina

Tekoa Retreats offers a beautiful, forested campus surrounding a three-acre lake. The accommodations include secluded cabins, lodges, and a dining hall with a capacity of three hundred and fifty people.

There's no better place for a weekend retreat than in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Tekoa Retreats is the place for Touching Hearts, Changing Lives, and Sharing the Light of Christ! Let us host your next fall retreat, picnic, school or community function, college or youth retreat.

Tekoa Retreats is located at 211 Thomas Rd. Hendersonville, NC 287139. Our phone number is 828-692-6516. If you are interested in finding out if Tekoa Retreats is the perfect place for your next fall retreat, contact us or visit our website.