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There is nothing quite like spending time in nature to clear your head and recharge after a long year. Research reveals that spending time outdoors can reduce stress and change moods. Whether your team is stuck working in an office all day or at home behind a computer, a Nature Retreat in Western North Carolina may be a great way to increase productivity and bring your team together. 

The Healing Power Of Nature

When spending time in nature, anger, fear, and stress decrease, giving way to better feelings, emotions, and physical well-being. Nature can help us cope with pain and discomfort and restores a level of positivity that we all need in our lives. 

However, you don't have to take our word for it. Research proves over and over again the positive aspects of nature. In fact, a team of University of Melbourne researchers noticed that concentration levels improved for those taking the time to enjoy nature(even if it is just on a screen).

If you are looking for a place to hold your next nature retreat, look no further than Tekoa Retreats.

About Tekoa Retreats Retreat Center

A place where staff members may have fun and find solutions to issues away from the workplace, Camp Tekoa Retreats offers a variety of outdoor activities, sports, and team-building activities.

We provide wonderful lodging and entertaining activities while being surrounded by nature. The team at Camp Tekoa can help you organize your upcoming Nature Retreat.

Tekoa Retreats Connects You To Nature

Camp Tekoa is nestled in the Mountains of Western North Carolina and hosts a variety of outdoor adventures that you and your group can take part in. 

  • Lake Zipline - One of the most popular activities is our zipline, which takes you from the wooded shoreline to a well over and across our lake. 
  • High Ropes Course - The 35-foot High Ropes Course will challenge participants with personal growth and adventure!
  • Low Elements Challenge Course - The challenge course offers a variety of activities that will challenge your group with teamwork and communication-based challenges. If you are looking for team building, this is where it's at.
  • Big Zip - The Big Zip begins on a tower 45' in the air, nestled in our meadow.  The view overlooks the surrounding mountains. Participants then zip up the mountain to a gravity stop over 400' away. It is a thrill! 
  • Ninja Cave - A cave for rock wall climbing attached to a thrilling ninja course.
  • Disc Golf - We have a nine-hole disc golf course spanning over five acres. Holes range in difficulty, but are tightly wooded and challenging. All holes are short enough for the beginner but challenging enough for the advanced player.
  • Orienteering - Want to learn how to get around in the woods? Our orienteering program will help you learn the basics of using a compass to find marks around the camp and navigate a treasure hunt!

Book Your Nature Retreat at Camp Tekoa

Only an hour from Asheville, Camp Tekoa is the perfect retreat place for your upcoming event. We provide a multitude of facilities in the North Carolina mountains in addition to thrilling outdoor pursuits. For more information on how to book your nature retreat, contact us today!