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Retreats are a very important tool utilized by a variety of organizations with a multitude of objectives. They can be scheduled annual events such as corporate retreats, summer camps, or church leadership retreats. They can also be spontaneous scheduled events to assist with a pastor or church leader burnout, for example.

Are you in charge of planning a Christian retreat? Do you ever think about what makes a retreat successful? How do you get the planning process going? This is the article to read to start planning for your Christian retreat!

What to Look for in a Retreat Center?

Monday, 06 March 2023 14:13

The well-being of the members of your team or ministry can benefit greatly from a retreat. There are several definitions of retreat. One definition is to “withdraw to a quiet or secluded place.” Another reads, “a period of seclusion for the purpose of prayer and meditation. Yet another explains that a retreat is “a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.”

Activity Ideas for Your Winter Retreat

Friday, 03 February 2023 20:20

While winter may not be the most popular season for group retreats, there are still plenty of activity options for winter retreats in North Carolina, and it can actually be a great time of year for a getaway. Here are some reasons to consider hosting your next group retreat during the winter months.