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Best Season For Retreats

Best Season For Retreats

Wednesday, 07 February 2024 16:23

Many live their lives surrounded by technology, screens, lights, computers, and machines. You live in cities filled with people where trees are only those plants that grow in small holes in the concrete or where the constant city lights keep you from seeing the stars at night.

You may occasionally visit the city parks with manicured gardens, cleanly mowed meadows, concrete walkways, and modern art sculptures. These parks offer a bit of the wonder of nature in a concrete world, but they are only vague reflections of nature's true beauty and vastness.


You may be a part of an organization, business, church ministry, or nonprofit that works each day to achieve the goals of your particular organization. You are part of a team, and although you may enjoy your work, at times, the work can be a burden

In either of these cases, it is essential to take time away from your ordinary world and retreat to a place where you and your team can refocus. Going to a retreat center like Tekoa Retreats in Hendersonville may be just what you need, but you may wonder which season would be best.

The Best Season For Retreats To WNC

Western North Carolina is a magical place of high mountain peaks and deep, hidden valleys filled with rushing rivers and streams full of trout and cascading waterfalls. The Blue Ridge Parkway travels through the area. Significant portions of the landscape are within protected government lands in national forests, state and local parks, and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Many attractions are available during the year's four seasons in places like Asheville, Hendersonville, Bryson City, and Cherokee, within a short distance of Tekoa Retreats Center.

The region is the perfect location for your organization retreat because of all of the natural wonders to explore, as well as the many exciting attractions throughout the region. 

But you may wonder which is the best season to retreat to Tekoa Retreats. The answer to that depends on what you and your team wish to do while you are here. Each season in western North Carolina offers unique experiences that can be enjoyed, and each season can be the best time to take a retreat.

Also, Tekoa Retreats offers facilities suitable for each season, from the frigid cold of winter to the summer heat.

1) Spring Season Retreats

The mountains come alive with new growth each spring as songbirds return and the wildlife becomes more active. Many attractions that lay dormant during the winter reopen as the weather warms, and mountain roads are easily accessible without ice and snow. Trails and camping sites on public lands are open.

Tekoa Retreats accommodations are well suited for the early morning chill of spring with many outdoor activities on site. The center provides excellent facilities to host a spring work retreat.

2) Summer Season Retreats

Western North Carolina becomes a tourist haven during the summer when all the attractions are fully open and the cool mountain air, even on the hottest days, is better than the heat of the lowlands.

Tekoa Retreats is the perfect location to bring your youth group for a summer getaway. The camp is fully functioning and provides opportunities for summer camps for children.

3) Fall Season Retreats

The fall is a magical time in the mountains of WNC as the leaves begin to change and the mountain slopes transform into brilliant colors. The heat of the Summer begins to fade, and the evenings are cool. There is a breeze that blows the intoxicating smells of the forest as the trees begin to grow dormant.

Most of the attractions in the area are still open, and the Tekoa Retreats facility is ablaze with fall colors. The youth programs are over as the kids return to school, and the center is well suited for organizational retreats in a quieter setting.

4) Winter Season Retreats

Everything in the mountains of western North Carolina slows down in the winter as the cold weather and everything it brings begins to take control. The mountains turn into a winter wonderland as the high mountain peaks are covered in snow, and ice forms over many of the streams and lakes during the colder times of the season.

Although many of the attractions in the area may close over the winter, there are still many things to do if you are willing to put on an extra layer of clothing and watch the weather reports closely. Ski resorts are in full swing, and the national forests and parks are open; however, some trails or camping areas may be closed.

There are far fewer tourists in the area, which means that those who brave the cold and extreme weather can enjoy the wonders of the mountains in quiet solitude, which cannot be done during the busy times of the year.

Although many of the outdoor activities at Tekoa Retreats may be closed during the winter, the facility is the perfect place for your organization to schedule a retreat in one of our snug cabins or lodges.

Benefits Of Taking A Retreat During Any Season

No matter which season you plan to take a retreat, there are many benefits. Here are just a few.:

  • Heal your body and soul. One of the key reasons you want to retreat is because the peace and tranquility that await you in the great outdoors is perfect for healing your body and soul. 
  • Reduce or even banish stress in your life. While on your retreat, sit by a stream or under a giant oak tree or mountain overlook, and let nature take your stress away.
  • Gives a fresh perspective on life. When surrounded by beautiful natural sceneries and that distinct peaceful feeling as you gaze into the distance, everything seems to gain a new perspective.
  • Open your world to new adventures. Look for all the wonderful activities available, such as hiking, mountain climbing, swimming, bird watching, or just sitting by yourself by a lake.
  • Connect you to the natural world. You will rekindle that relationship with nature that is within every human being. It takes more than one road trip to regain that deep intrinsic feeling of belonging, but after a few trips, you will notice that nature is making you a more positive and peaceful human being.

Each Season Can Be The Best Retreat Season At Tekoa Retreats

Tekoa Retreats offers a forested landscape surrounding a three-acre lake. The accommodations include secluded cabins, lodges, and a dining hall with a capacity of three hundred and fifty-four people.

The property has fun outdoor adventures, including the high ropes course, bouldering wall, lake zipline, disc golf course, basketball courts, and hiking trails.

There's no better place for a retreat than in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Tekoa Retreats is the place for Touching Hearts, Changing Lives, and Sharing the Light of Christ! Let us host your next group retreat, picnic, school or community function, college or youth retreat.

Tekoa Retreats is located at 211 Thomas Rd. Hendersonville, NC 287139. Our phone number is 828-692-6516. If you want to find out if Tekoa Retreats is the perfect place for your next retreat, contact us or visit our website.